Collaboratively Harnessing Indigenous Principles, Protocols, and Practices (CHIRP3)


Collaboratively Harnessing Indigenous Principles, Protocols, and Practices (CHIRP3)

This type of multi-knowledge engagement holds the potential to expand our understanding of the world's natural and social systems.


About the Project

The goal of the CHIRP3 Project is to develop new guidelines for building collaborations between Native and non-Native researchers working with Native communities. The research team proposes that these guidelines reflect Indigenous knowledge production, honor Indigenous innovation, and resonate Indigenous perceptions of place and as such, they will incorporate Native principles, protocols, and practices. This approach to scientific collaboration, one that supports scientific and Indigenous principles as co-producers of scientific knowledge creates, a new vision for interdisciplinary research, one that includes scientific and Indigenous scholarly perspectives.

CHIRP3 is a collaboration with the First Alaskans Institute.


National Science Foundation (NSF) CHIRP3 is funded through a grant from the
National Science Foundation.




More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Read more on the workplan page.

Outreach & Publications

Visit the outreach page to read more about CHIRP3 networking, presentations, and publications.