Economic Data

These data include:

  • Census of Manufacturers (COM)
  • Longitudinal Business Data base (LBD)
  • Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM)
  • Survey of Business Owners (SBO)
  • Business Research & Development and Innovation Survey (BRDIS)
  • ...and more!
  • The Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) Data

    There are multiple components to the LEHD, such as:

  • Business Register Bridge (BRB)
  • Employer Characteristics File (ECF)
  • Employment History Files (EHF)
  • Geocoded Address List (GAL)
  • Individual Characteristics (ICF)
  • Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI)
  • Unit-to-Worker (U2W)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis Data

    Major topics include:

  • (Un)Employment
  • Compensation and Working Conditions
  • Prices and Living Conditions
  • Direct Investment
  • Services