Stakeholder Advisory Group

If our results suggest that greater local control over water, fertilizer, and energy are likely to increase resilience, sense of self determination, sense of community and well-being, and increased income or avoided costs, the future of rural America will look different. Success in the CARB through model assessment of future scenarios and well considered metrics enables would provide a national and international prototype of an optimistic future for presently stressed agricultural communities. STEM Literacy: Stakeholder group meetings twice a year and annual workshops in years 3-5 will promote public scientific literacy and engagement.

Dwayne Roth

Efficient Irrigation

Gaea Hock

KSU Agricultural Education and KYWA Advisor

Randy Hayzlett

Kansas Water Authority

Kirk Heger

Kansas Ground Water Management District 3

Vance Ehmke

Kansas Agricultural Producer

Dorothy Barnett

Executive Director, Climate and Energy Project

Matt Gilhousen

Co-founder of Tradewind Energy, Large renewable energy installations

Armando Zarco

Water Resource Planner with the Kansas Water Office (KWO)

Michael Young

Multiple Stakeholder Interests
University of Texas at Austin, Planet Texas 2050

Marci Francisco

Multiple Stakeholder Interests
Kansas State Senator, Vice Chair and Ranking Minority Member, respectively, of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee

Don Hineman

Multiple Stakeholder Interests
Kansas State Representative, Chair of the Rural Development Task Force

Patty Clark

Multiple Stakeholder Interests
Deputy Secretary, Kansas Department of Commerce. Policies for a resilient future.